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The free FulcraMAP Management Plan Calculator removes the drudgery from business planning and helps you identify, track and use your key business metrics to better manage your remodeling business.
  • Easy to use - enter only 10 numbers
  • See a full budget, including sales and field FTEs
  • Create and compare multiple scenarios
  • Distilled from a lifetime of working with business owners


Hear what clients are saying:
“The practical MAP systems have supported our company’s growth, both in volume and profitability. The company is much more manageable today than it was three years ago when we started with Fulcra.”
- D.C. (WA)
Working with Richard Steven and Fulcra Consulting took the mystery out of tracking sales, production and profitability.  He worked with my business and staff to help us meet our goals.”
- T.F. (MN)

“The MAP tools are the framework of a consistent system that helps us manage the business. Instead of reacting we are anticipating. Instead of wishing we are planning.”
                                                - J.R. (MN)

“Now we’re operating profitably and we know it, where earlier we thought we were being profitable but it wasn’t always true. The MAP tools are instrumental in showing us where we really are and giving us objective information to make positive changes.”
- G.G. (AZ)