Why FulcraMAP?
The FulcraMAP Program gives remodeling contractors practical tools and training to manage their businesses better. The Program shows you how to create your own yearly Management Action Plan; how to set specific business goals to guide your daily decisions and track progress toward achieving them. Developed over years of intensive work directly with remodelers, the program is valuable to both younger companies in the process of establishing business systems, and more mature companies looking to improve the systems they already have.

Good business management is a complex process that takes time to learn and apply. The FulcraMAP Program can: 
                * shorten your learning time

* make learning more enjoyable

* help you avoid the costly mistakes of trial and error.

The Program consists of:
                * a free Introductory class

* a one-day Fundamental class

* small-group GPS sessions

The Program proceeds on a step-by-step basis, starting with the free introductory class. No long term commitment is necessary. Each step offers value on its own, whether or not you choose to go on to the next.

FulcraMAP tools and training have helped many remodeling companies since 2001; they can help you and your company too!

How the FulcraMAP Program works:
The first step is to attend a free introductory session. Here we review the concepts and principles of business management for remodelers and how the FulcraMAP tools help you operate your business more successfully—no matter what your personal definition of success may be. We present and discuss concepts (with handouts) that you can apply immediately whatever your business size; and we give you a taste of the larger program to help you decide if the FulcraMAP Fundamentals is right for you and your company.

The second step is to register for a Fundamentals class. This class covers the three primary spheres of your remodeling business; Sales & Marketing, Financial Management, and Production & Time Management. The Fundamentals class includes a course notebook with extensive print handouts as well as live electronic management tools ready to be customized and used in your business. This class acquaints you with the building blocks of good business management as they apply directly to full-service or design-build remodeling companies and gives you practical tools for applying these principles in your own company.

The third step, after the Fundamentals class, is to follow up with GPS sessions and begin customizing and using the FulcraMAP tools in your own company. The GPS sessions support you with ongoing technical help and accountability as you calibrate your MAP tools and populate them with your own company data. During the GPS sessions attendees work with their own data on their own laptop computers. No private data is shared with the group, yet everyone works with the same tools at the same time. Live sample tools are projected on the screen and explained, with ample opportunity for questions and group discussion.

GPS Sessions are the antidote to “seminar euphoria”. They provide ongoing accountability and allow you to remain fresh and engaged as you become more familiar and comfortable using and implementing management tools. The GPS sessions pull you forward through the time it takes to actually implement the changes you want to make in your company.

Who should attend the FulcraMAP Program?
Owners of remodeling companies, and key staff, who:

                * want to improve processes and profitability

* want to build a stronger company team

* want to successfully prepare for business succession

* possess basic computer knowledge and facility with Microsoft Word and Excel

* understand there is no instant fix or silver bullet; real change takes time and work

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