Welcome to the FulcraMAP Management Plan Calculator

This Calculator helps you quickly and easily create a comprehensive management plan. As you enter data into the green cells the white cells populate automatically. Clicking on any green cell highlights all affected cells, instantly alerting you to key inter-connections.

Start by entering just 3 assumptions to see gross income needed per month. From these assumptions the calculator automatically figures a budget summary with dollar values and percentages. Input only 7 additional assumptions to generate the key sales, marketing and production metrics needed for a complete management plan.

Change any assumptions to view options and zero in on the optimum plan you finally adopt. Click here for a more detailed explanation, or here for a summary of helpful information to assemble before using the Calculator.

Happy Planning!

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We are continually making improvements to the planner based on client feedback, and will soon release the FulcraMAP Tracker - an integrated, easy to use system for tracking your key metrics on an ongoing basis. Register below for early access!

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