Fulcra understands the challenges
remodeling companies face

Remodeling is a complex business. Since 2001 owners of remodeling companies have turned to Fulcra for experience, knowledge and an objective perspective to help them see their business clearly, make good choices and build the future they want.

Fulcra’s focus has been on working directly with owners of remodeling companies and their key personnel. Our consulting services are usually provided on a fixed-price basis (rather than hourly). A fixed-price contract lets both parties relax and focus on the work itself. After we agree on the scope of work, price and duration of the contract, there is no uncertainty for clients about the size of the bill. Until a change of scope is requested or approved, the monthly payment does not change.

Most contracts are for a relatively short time, often three to six months. Contracts are renewable, and this short time period provides natural evaluation points. Some clients engage us for one or two contracts, others renew their contracts for several years as we work together to support company development.  

Frequently the goal of an initial contract is creating a company-specific Management Action Plan (MAP), which includes concrete company goals and customized gauges to track company progress. Setting authentic company goals involves analyzing historical data to ensure that goals for the next year (and beyond) are grounded in reality as well as buoyed by dreams. Fulcra can help guide and expedite this process so it doesn’t get bogged down by indecision or minutiae.

After a company MAP is created and adopted it must be implemented. Management tools must be used consistently, with data accurately entered and information regularly reviewed. With the FulcraMAP management tools in place it normally takes only one - two hours per month to track the data needed for basing business decisions firmly in reality rather than intuition.  Ongoing consulting contracts may involve Fulcra reviewing company data and participating in regular management meetings, either in person or via telephone. Such meetings are opportunities to discuss what the gauges are telling us; together we analyze what the metrics and benchmarks mean, diagnose and solve problems and strategize ways to capitalize on opportunities.

The needs of smaller companies and larger companies are not the same.

For “smaller companies” (having less than $1 million in annual sales, in business less than five years and having a total staff of five or fewer) Fulcra focuses on building a foundation of solid business basics and on supporting a few people who must “wear many hats.”

For “larger companies” (having more than $1 million in annual sales, in business more than five years and having a staff of more than five) Fulcra helps build upon the business foundation already in place, on effectively delegating critical tasks and on building a high-performance team.

Whether your company is “smaller” or “larger”
we invite you to contact us
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