The FulcraMAP Program helps remodelers become better business managers. The group class format provides interesting interaction with peers as well as condensed, focused business training.

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MAP stands for Management Action Plan. Just as a map helps you find your way through unfamiliar territory, MAP helps you drive your business to success—whatever your definition of success may be. What is your business destination?

A Management Action Plan is an internal document, one you and your team actually use. It helps you and your staff set authentic goals in key areas of your business, and then regularly track progress toward achieving them.

The FulcraMAP Program includes over 60 live, electronic management tools. These tools become gauges that show you exactly how the critical areas of your company are performing and give you reliable real-time data for making better management decisions.

As your company grows and changes your MAP grows with you. Proficiency with the MAP tools lets you re-calibrate your gauges, adjusting to marketplace conditions and revising goals when appropriate. Your MAP tools never become obsolete; as you update them they continue to guide you over the life of your company.

Communication, trust and buy-in from key staff all improve as pertinent company benchmarks are shared. MAP helps you build a common company language. Strategic business decisions can now be based on the firm foundation of objective data rather than the slippery slope of personal intuition.

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